About Us

TIG Managing Director Henry Scott began consulting to media companies in 1995 after leaving his position as Vice President for New Media / New Products at The New York Times Company where he launched the company’s first internet venture (@Times in partnership with America Online) and it first foreign-language edition (a weekly newspaper published in Russian in Moscow).  Previously he had served as Director of Planning and Market Research at The Times.  In 2012, Scott launched a hyperlocal news publishing operation in West Hollywood, California, that has become a laboratory for testing ideas for digital media and marketing.

Since then Scott has worked as an intermediator, bringing together and directing a network of partners and collaborators that bring to bear on behalf of TIG’s clients many years of experience in every aspect of the media, information services, and marketing businesses.   

Those collaborators include the former CEO of a major media research firm, a highly experienced media sales trainer and manager, a digital and social media marketing specialist, and a recruiter trained in talent and performance assessment, among others